Korea Certification Standard Mark Requirements

June 01, 2010

In an effort to protect public health and safety, Korea requires that companies obtain prior certification in the form of a Korea Certification (KC) Standard Mark from authorized testing centers before certain products can be sold in Korea. Intertek can help you to conduct product safety testing to the applicable Korean standards, issue test reports and submit all relevant documentation needed to obtain a KC Mark. Once you receive a certification, you are authorized to affix the KC Mark to your product, enabling consumers to recognize and select products for their safety, quality, health and environmental friendliness.

Under the requirement of the regulation, Intertek will conduct annual follow-up inspections to ensure your product continues to be in compliance to the appropriate standards. The items that are subject to legal compulsory certification are specified in related laws and ordinances pertaining to safety, health, environment and quality.


Intertek tests home textile products to receive a KC Mark, including adult clothing, bedding, leather, and other miscellaneous textiles for hazardous substances. Intertek can also assist with labeling requirements, which include:

  • Fiber Composition
  • Manufacturer / Importer
  • Country of Origin
  • Care Instruction
  • Address & Telephone Number of Labeler
  • Manufactured Date & Size

For details on Korea import requirements, the types of products included in its scope and additional requirements you may need to market your product in Korea, please contact Intertek at:

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