Exporting to Tanzania? - Certificate of Conformity Required from 1 February 2012

Exporting to Tanzania? The Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) officially confirms requirement of CoC in compliance with the new Tanzania-PVoC from 1 February 2012.

On the 7 December 2011, Intertek signed a formal contract with The Tanzania National Bureau of Standard (TBS) to become one of its PVoC service providers. The start date of the programme has now been confirmed as the 1 February 2012.

Exporters are advised that shipments of regulated products having a Bill of Lading date (B/L date) greater than or equal to 1 February 2012, will require a Certificate of Conformity for clearance through Tanzanian Customs at all Tanzanian ports and border entry points.

The preliminary guidelines of the programme are listed below.

Certificate of Conformity

Regulated product consignments have to be verified for compliance to relevant TBS (Tanzania Bureau of Standards) sanctioned standards and essential requirements. The compliance verification process may involve physical inspection of the consignment and if necessary, sample selection for testing purposes.

Routes to Shipment Certification

Compliance to the PVoC can be achieved based on the following three routes:

  • Route A For unregistered suppliers or manufacturers of sensitive goods
  • Route B For registered suppliers of manufacturers of goods
  • Route C For Certified Products (similar to licensed exporters/ manufacturers in other similar PCPs)

Regulated Products

Information on products regulated and exempted from the Tanzania PVoC programme is covered in the Exporter Guidelines.

All consignments of Regulated Products must be covered by a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issued by an authorized Intertek PVoC Country Office (PCO).

The PVoC programme covers the verification of all Regulated Products to be in compliance with the Tanzania and other approved standards on the basis of which a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) is issued.

Intertek has a global network of offices that have operated PVoC programmes for many years. We have issued more than 1.5 million test reports and certificates to exporters worldwide.

So for assistance in exporting to Tanzania, and to make sure you comply with these new requirements, please contact your local Intertek office, details of which can be found at www.intertek.com/government/product-conformity/exports-to-tanzania or email us at info.government@intertek.com