Innovative Quality Assurance Solutions for Smart Clothing

Smart clothing is the next trend following smart watches and activity trackers. With sensors embedded in textiles or fabrics, the new generation smart clothing can help track your fitness data anytime, anywhere. Today’s go-ahead fashion and sport brands are eyeing the global smart-clothing market. However, successful smart clothing depends a great extent on the product’s safety, durability, and accuracy—and that’s the key challenge when adding smart functions to clothing.

To capture these new market opportunities, you need a professional testing expert as your quality partner. With the required expertise and a special technical task force in smart clothing development, Intertek can provide bespoke quality assurance solution to support your product design, development, production, testing and certification. Evaluations on product quality can be carried out for a number of attributes, including:

  • Technical review and product design
  • Verification of data accuracy
  • Challenge tests (Repeated washing cycles)
  • Connectivity and compatibility of mobile application software
  • Antimicrobial and Anti-odor tests
  • Toxic-free materials verification
  • Mandatory labeling/Requirement to target markets


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