Vol. 145 - Intertek China Launches New Training Courses for 2015

Intertek China Knowledge Center, which features a specialized service team and advanced training facilities, launched a series of new training courses to provide clients practical training they need to remain at the top of their profession. The new courses cover risk management, Six Sigma champion, electrostatic discharge (ESD) internal auditor, child labour identification, environmental management and more. Serving a wide range of industries, the comprehensive training is a powerful tool for business and personal improvement, it also helps companies and individuals to maintain sustainable improvement in quality, safety, system management and company capacity.

Training CourseCourse CoverageTraining Benefits

Intertek Training on Risk Management

  • What is risk management
  • Principles of risk management
  • Framework of risk management
  • Six steps of risk management
  • Critical tools for implementing risk management: Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • The correlation of ISO9001:2015 new edition with risk management
  • Company action plan requirement
  • Q&A
  1. Enhance awareness of risk management, develop a culture of risk prevention, and have a correct understanding of risk management
  2. Understand the principles of risk management and master the six-steps of risk management
  3. Appropriate use of the regular methods and tools of risk management
  4. Good command of the core tool of risk management FMEA
  5. Be able to comply with the requirement of ISO9001: 2015 new edition

Intertek Six Sigma Champion Training Course

  • Introduction
  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyse
  • Improve
  • Control
  • Lean Sigma Projects
  1. Allow individuals, leaders and managers without any prior experience to have good understanding of the Six Sigma benefits, gain critical knowledge and understand how Six Sigma can assist organization success
  2. Offer opportunity for individual to be certified as Certified Six Sigma Champion, help grasp and understand the right project selection, measurement, analysis and execution

ESD Internal Auditor Training

  • Electrostatic Protection Technology of electronics industry
  • ESD Association standards and certification
  • ESD Internal Auditor (basic requirement and scope of certification; Certification program and specific requirements; Review and conclusion)
  1. Understand the ESD theory
  2. Gain in-depth knowledge of the latest ESD advanced technology
  3. Master the ESD testing instrument and ESD standard
  4. Fully grasp the core requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 and 61340-5-1 standard and the planning, implementation of ESD internal audit

Establish Hiring Procedures to Identify Child Labour

  • Related requirements on child labour in corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • How to establish company hiring policy and procedures
  • Matters needing attention in hiring processes
  • Checkpoints of child labour in CSR audit
  • Case study
  • Common non-compliance issues
  1. Understand requirements of child labour in CSR
  2. Be familiar with the methods of identifying child labor in hiring process
  3. Learn how to regularize behaviors of company personnel in recruitment

Enterprise Environmental Management Training

  • The significance and effect of daily environmental management
  • The local laws and regulations of environmental protection
  • Environmental requirements in CSR audit
  • Environmental protection "Three Simultaneities"
  • Environmental Management System
  • Daily Environmental Management
  • Energy conservation and emission reduction
  • Harmful substances management and pollution control
  • Ecological protection
  • Case study
  1. Learn the relevant laws and regulations of daily environmental management
  2. Be familiar with the environmental requirements of CSR audit
  3. Grasp the daily operation methods of environmental management
  4. Play an effective role in promoting pollution prevention and improvement of the environmental management performance


We believe our effort in quality training will translate into your performance. Should you have any enquiries on the new training courses or other training needs, please feel free to contact at training.china@intertek.com or visit www.intertek.com.cn/training for more details.


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