Glassware, Ceramics And Vitroceramic Conformity Certification

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Product Conformity Certification 

lntertek offers the service of Certification of Conformity, based on ISO / IEC 17065 standards, for glassware, ceramics and vitroceramic; in compliance with the mandatory Colombian technical regulation; Resolution 1900 of 2008 of the Social Protection Ministry.

The technical regulation evaluates labeling requirements such as:

  • The information must be legible, truthful, and complete
  • The label must contain at least the following data:
    • Country of origin
    • Manufacturer identification
    • The label must be attached to the body of product or its packaging unit

To verify compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations, accredited laboratories (ISO 17025 accreditation, ILAC members) must perform the test to determine the maximum permissible limits of leachable Lead and Cadmium established by the following standards:

  • NTC 3536 of May 19th of 1993, (Glassware and vitroceramic in contact with food) ISO 7086-1 and 1982
  • NTC 3537 of May 21st of 1993, (Ceramic utensils used for cooking in contact with food) ISO 8391-1 and ISO 8391-2 of 1986
  • NTC 4634 of July 28th of 1999, (dinnerware institutional use) ISO 6486-1 of 1981

Intertek offers the following certification options, depending on your needs:

  • Batch certification
  • Type certification
  • Mark certification


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