Intertek Presents at 9th Annual Foreign Body Pediatric Airway Endoscopy Course

On 21st March 2015, Intertek’s Scott M. Milkovich, Ph.D, delivered the keynote address at the 9th Annual Foreign Body Pediatric Airway Endoscopy Course, which was held by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and attended by more than 40 faculty, fellows and residents.

At the event, Dr. Milkovich, Senior Vice President and Chief Engineer of Intertek Product Intelligence, also presented “Foreign Body Injury Prevention through Safer Design of Products,” which provided insight into the dangers related to aspiration and ingestion of products and their small parts and how those hazards can be mitigated by introducing safety at the beginning of the design process.

Dr. Milkovich has devoted his career to consumer product safety, injury prevention, and risk analysis, particularly for consumer products. By working closely with the medical community, he helps develop innovative technologies for assessing the risks posed by consumer products.

Through his work with Intertek’s Product Intelligence group, Dr. Milkovich continues to provide his expertise to offer safety advisory solutions that exceed the mandated regulatory standards to the customers, ensuring their products to meet all quality and safety standards.


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