Clinical Research Assessor Calibration

Our healthcare clinical research assessors are calibrated, ensuring data accuracy and data quality, meeting the standards of regulators & advertising agencies

Calibration programs for our clinical research assessors enables optimisation of clinical assessment processes.

Consumers are increasingly demanding safe and effective high quality cosmetic and healthcare products. As a consumer healthcare or cosmetic manufacturer it is important to instill confidence in your brands to ensure a loyal customer base and grow your market share.

Calibration programs ensure that  clinical assessments of your products are scientifically sound, and that claims on safety and efficacy are robust enough to undergo the scrutiny of the regulators and advertising standards agency. 

Whether these clinical assessments are looking at skin irritation, scalp dandruff or dental plaque all our assessors  are trained, highly experienced and calibrated. Our structured and interactive calibration programs give assessors the opportunity to meet regularly and share skills when training. Through calibration exercises we ensure consistency amongst assessors which gives greater flexibility when resourcing studies. It also provides the data to measure variability among and between our assessors and enables optimisation of our clinical assessment processes. 

Our clinicians and assessors are annually calibrated for the most commonly used assessments, and are calibrated and /or familiarised prior to using any of the lesser known assessments. We believe at Intertek CRS in transparency and ensure that all calibrations are recorded and documented, with statistical input to ensure calibration methodology and results are scientifically sound. Kappa statistic is an industry standard technique that measures agreement between multiple assessors. Using the categories set by Landis & Koch (1977), repeatability is deemed to be: value of 0.41 – 0.60 moderate agreement, 0.61 – 0.80 substantial agreement and 0.81 – 1.00 almost perfect agreement.

You can be confident that data generated by Intertek CRS assessors is precise, of a high quality and robust enough to meet the standards of the regulators and advertising agencies. 

For over 18-years Intertek’s Clinical Research Services group has been a trusted partner for those manufacturing cosmetic and consumer healthcare products. Intertek offers considerable experience with the recruitment and management of clinical trials, providing robust data to support the efficacy and safety of novel treatments. Intertek CRS is committed to bringing quality and safety to life as well as ensuring data generated from our healthcare trials is credible and verifiable.


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Need help or have a question?

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