Gas Uptake, Permeation and Immersion Testing - Sorption Analysis

Characterization of adsorbents, catalysts, nanoparticles, and polymers, by sorption analyses, with customized tests designed to suit your applications.

Our customisable Sorption analysis allows you to answer such questions as:

  • How much gas/vapor will my material absorb over time and how quickly?  
  • Will my material be effective as a catalyst?  
  • What does the internal structure of my material look like?  
  • How does pretreatment affect my materials' properties?
Gas/Vapor Testing

Solid materials are exposed to gases and vapors and weight change - increase or decrease - is measured. Potential gas or vapors include: H2, CH4, O2, N2, Ar, CO2, H2O.

Analysis of the resulting data yields properties such as:

  • Skeletal Density
  • Porosity
  • Brunauer–Emmett–Teller (BET) Surface Area
  • Total Pore Volume
  • Pore Size/Pore Size Distribution
  • Catalyst Activity
  • Metal Dispersion
  • Gas/Vapor Isotherms
  • Diffusion/Permeation/Uptake/Drying Rates

Liquid/Immersion Testing

  • Weight Uptake
  • Solvent resistance
  • Diffusion & Equilibrium Coefficients

We can address specific issues, such as determination of the porosity and optimization of reactivation conditions for a material, and to establish the temperature rise with exposure to a gas stream.

We can also address the following questions:

How effective is my catalyst and how can I improve its performance?
Will this adsorbent be effective in purifying my gas stream?
Is my material effective for gas storage?
What can I do to improve my catalyst performance?
Is the precious metal in my catalyst well-dispersed and available to catalyze my reaction?

Packaging, Coatings, Pharmaceuticals
How quickly will gas permeate through a material?
Will a film maintain the freshness of a vegetable?
What can I do to make my coating dry faster?
How is water uptake determined, at relative humidity conditions?


Case Study: Evaluating the Barrier Properties of a Membrane

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