Intertek Upgrades NMR Technology

Analytical NMR services for the chemical and materials industries

Intertek MSG has recently invested in an NMR spectrometer upgrade on their 400 MHz instrument, bringing about a number of important technical improvements. NMR is sophisticated characterization technique that can be used to determine the chemical composition or structural properties in a variety of industrially relevant materials. Companies from the chemicals, materials and pharmaceutical industries can benefit from this service by understanding structural properties of molecules and supporting new material development and R&D activities.

This NMR upgrade on our JEOL-GSX400MHz NMR spectrometer allows Intertek to continue to offer its high performance NMR (both qualitative and quantitiative) service to our customers, coupling high quality data generation (modern equipment and highly experienced staff working to ISO17025) with fast turnaround measurement (flexibility of instruments and staff). The benefits include:

1. The new generation 5 mm tuneable broad-band gradient probe integrates all of JEOL’s newest probe technologies and achieves the world’s highest sensitivity for a room-temperature probe. Essentially the new probe has the same sensitivity as our existing Eclipse 500MHz NMR probes and gives the combined advantage of an inverse and conventional probe.

2. The new spectrometer maintains the high stability required to obtain high quality NMR spectra and is very effective for solvent signal suppression and difference spectra measurement.

3. The latest version of the JEOL Delta operating software which is actively maintained and will give access to future improvements and measurement capabilities.

4. The new spectrometer incorporates a pulsed field gradient (PFG) unit that allows for the use modern pulse 2D NMR Experiments previously unavailable to us on this instrument.

This advancement in technology allows us to combine the NMR services with the other techniques (notably MALDI-MS, LCMS, GCMS, ICPMS and various GPC approaches) to enable us to successfully tackle complex customer molecular compositional problems - such as the reverse engineering of materials. In this area the uniquely inherent quantitative nature of the NMR Spectroscopy plays a leading role in the quantitative analysis that is required. 


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