Stress Management Training

We all experience stress when we feel “Out of Control”

The pressures and demands between work and personal life are blurred. As a result, the consequences of stress in the workplace come from what is happening to each of us both on and off the job. In addition, most of us experience stress in life, whether this is in the short term or long-term. Moreover, it can seriously affect our health and our work. However, it is possible to manage stress, if you use the right tools and techniques.

Benefits of Stress Management Training: 

  • Cognize stress and recognize the symptoms in yourself and others
  • Increase personal happiness and long life
  • Increased individual productivity
  • Better organizational productivity and harmony
  • Better team bonding  and morale
  • Better involvement with colleagues, family, and friends
  • More value, balance, and happiness in everyday life

Topics that will be covered:

  • Introduction to Stress
  • Types Of Stress
  • Signs of Stress
  • Introduction to Stress Management
  • Eustress vs. Distress  
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Types Of Stressors
  • Types of Stress Management
  • ABC Method
  • Ways to relieve Stress

Who Should Attend: This course benefits anyone who needs to learn the fundamentals of dealing with "Stressors" that affect our wellbeing and confidence.

Session Dates and Locations: For session dates and locations, please contact us at

Course Duration: 1 day

Course Fee: BDT 7,000.00 / Person (excluding 15% VAT)
Deliverables: Each attendee will receive a certificate of attendance upon successful completion of the course.

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Our Discount Policy

  1. Group Investment: BDT 5,950.00 / Person (excluding 15% VAT) - A group discount is applicable for 2 or more  participants from same company)
  2. Early bird Investment: BDT 6,300.00 / Person (excluding 15% VAT) - You will be given a discount on our published course fee when registering two weeks prior to the start date of the training course.

Please note: This discount policy only applies to Intertek’s public training courses or publicly held paid webinars and is not applicable to any on-site training course or paid webinar offered to a specific company.