Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor Training (ISO 9001:2015)

Intertek’s IRCA Accredited ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Course course provides opportunities for potential auditors who would like to conduct Quality Management System audits. The course meets the training requirements of the International Register of Certificated Auditors for registration as an IRCA recognized QMS auditor lead auditor and provides delegates with an in-depth knowledge and skills in auditing.

 After attending the training, participants will be equipped with knowledge and skills required to perform audits of quality management systems against ISO 9001:2015.

 Through lectures, discussions, workshops and role-plays, you will:

  • Gain sufficient knowledge of preparing for, carrying out, reporting on, and following up an audit
  • Undergo training recognized by the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) for persons wishing to become QMS Auditor or Lead Auditor
  • Be equipped with the skills in assessing and improving an organization's quality systems
  • Acquire the knowledge on how to present data and information gained during an audit
  • Gain sufficient knowledge of advising the organization on the preparation required prior to second or third party audits

  Topics that will be covered in our 5-day Course:

  • Introduction to Quality and ISO
  • Types of Audits
  • Understanding the ISO 9001:2015 Standard requirements
  • Pre-audit management
  • Desktop Audit/Quality Manual Review
  • Audit Programming
  • Conducting an Opening Meeting
  • Audit Methods and Techniques
  • Syndicate Presentations
  • Audit Design Activities
  • Quality Audit Process
  • Raising Non-Conformances
  • Conducting a Closing Meeting
  • Writing the Audit Report
  • Audit Follow up Actions
  • Clearance of Non-Conformance Reports
  • Lead Auditor's Management Responsibilities
  • Auditor Code of Conduct
  • IRCA Auditor Registration Scheme

Who Should Attend: This course is valuable for quality professionals interested in conducting first-party, second-party, and/or third-party audits, Management Representatives, Managers, and Consultants.

Session Dates and Locations: For session dates and locations, please contact us at business.assurance@intertek.com

Course Duration: 5 days

Course Fee: BDT 40,000.00 / Person (excluding 15% VAT)
Deliverables: Each attendee will receive IRCA recognized certificate(s) upon successful completion of the course.

Prerequisites: Each attendee must have sufficient knowledge of ISO 9001 requirements before attending this course.

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Our Discount Policy

  1. Group Investment: BDT 34,000.00/ Person (excluding 15% VAT)A group discount is applicable for 2 or more  participants from same company)
  2. Early bird Investment: BDT 36,000.00 / Person(excluding 15% VAT) You will be given a discount on our published course fee when registering two weeks prior to the start date of the training course.

Please note: This discount policy only applies to Intertek’s public training courses or publicly held paid webinars and is not applicable to any on-site training course or paid webinar offered to a specific company.