Certified Energy Management Professional


This five-day intensive program is uniquely designed to enable participants in developing the necessary skills for the complete lifecycle management of ISO50000 Energy Management standard in terms of both implementation and auditing making this program a first in its category. This program therefore provides the best value to the participants in terms of coverage and relevance for the least investment of time and money.


This certification program aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To introduce the concept of Energy Management and related laws/regulations
  • To understand the structure and the objectives of ISO50000 standard
  • To learn the implementation and audit methodology of ISO50000 standard in a particular organization
  • To develop the knowledge and skills required to advise organizations on best practices in the area of Energy Management
  • To get exposure to real life Energy Management examples through case study analysis and discussion
  • An opportunity to interact with Energy Management expert from the industry and gain comprehensive understanding of supporting an organization in implementing, managing and maintaining Energy Management processes
  • To understand the job and career opportunities in the field of Energy Management

Examination and Certification

  • Participants will undertake 1 hour examination on the concepts learnt during the program
  • Joint Certificate of Successful Completion of the course will be issued to those participants who qualify the written examination. Others will be issued a Certificate of Attendance

Who should attend?

Potential participants include:

  • Students pursuing M.Tech in the field of Energy / Health & Safety / Environment/Information Technology / Information Security
  • Students pursuing MBA in the field of Energy / Health & Safety / Environment / Information Technology / Information Security

Number of participants

  • 6-24 students




  • The program delivery consists of 20 hours which is spread over 5 days (4 hours per day)
11 HourIntroduction to Energy ManagementSkillCube
1 HourUnderstanding Energy Management standards and technologiesSkillCube
1 HourEnergy management laws/regulationsSkillCube
1 HourCareer opportunities in the field of Energy managementSkillCube
21 HourEnergy Management principlesIntertek
1 HourPDCA philosophy for EnMSIntertek
1 HourRole of top management for EnMSIntertek
1 HourEnergy PolicyIntertek
31 HourLegal requirements related to EnMSIntertek
1 HourEnergy review, baseline, EnPIS, Energy objectives and targetsIntertek
1 HourCommunication and Documentation requirementsIntertek
1 HourControl of operations impacting energy performance including design and procurement activitiesIntertek
41 HourMonitoring, measurement and analysis of the EnMSIntertek
1 HourAudit planning and preparationIntertek
1 HourConduct EnMS audits and reportingIntertek
1 HourExaminationIntertek
50.5 HourEnergy management Case study overviewSkillCube
2 HoursCase study analysis by participantsSkillCube
1 HourDiscussion, Q&A on Case StudySkillCube
0.5 HourIndustry Guest Lecture and Certificate distributionSkillCube


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