Trim Qualification Program

Intertek’s Trim Qualification Program provides children’s apparel and footwear retailers, vendors and trim suppliers the transparency and traceability necessary to rely on component testing under the CPSC Testing and Certification Rule.

The Trim Qualification Program focuses on production capability and quality control systems.  The aim of the program is to ensure product safety and quality expectations are built into the children’s apparel and footwear manufacturing process, minimizing risks from product recalls and test failures.
Leveraging on Intertek’s technical expertise and global footprint, the Trim Qualification Program provides suppliers with a unique approach to educate and improve performance, which combines:

  • Training and awareness to understand CPSIA regulations and the Testing and Certification Rule
  • Onsite visits to assess measures and controls are in place to support the manufacturing of high-quality products on consistent basis, with focus on:
    • Management environment
    • Risk management
    • Process control
    • Product testing
    • Monitoring
  • iComply™, a supporting tool that provides suppliers with a mechanism to maintain product technical files, testing plans and other documentation to meet traceability regulatory requirements.
  • Continuous improvement through open benchmarking of results, and risk-based score cards.

As a business partner participating in the Trim Qualification Program, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Guidance on how to demonstrate a “high degree of assurance” that products comply with mandatory regulations
  • Document management and record-keeping through iComply™
  • “Undue Influence” Policy adoption, support and training
  • The ability for trim suppliers to achieve certified status, resulting in financial benefits from reduced third-party testing of trim products manufactured at certified/qualified sites


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