Business Assurance: Key Contacts, Canada

Canadian Business Assurance Office:

6225 Kenway Drive
Mississauga, ON L5T 2L3
Phone: 1-905-678-7820 

1829 32nd Avenue,
Lachine, QC H8T 3J1
Phone: 1-514-631-3100 

Management Contacts

Name/Email, TitlePhoneResponsibility
David Muil
VP of Business Development
1-905-678-7820, Ext. 4262Sales, Questions, Client Matters
Kennedy Amissah
VP of Operations
1-978-614-0605Operations, Questions, Client Matters
Linda Moon
Scheduling Manager
1-616-819-9494Scheduling Matters
Jorge Correa
Technical Director
1-616-656-7401Technical Matters - Disputes/Appeals, Complaints
Lauren Whittemore
Global Marketing Director
1-978-614-0602Marketing Matters

Scheduling Contacts

Name/Email, TitlePhoneResponsibility
Linda Moon
Scheduling Manager
1-616-819-9494Scheduling Manager
Courtney Marble
Team Lead: GMP, Food, CSR
1-616-656-7456Scheduling Team Lead
Marguerite Teliczan
Scheduling Coordinator
1-616-656-0637Scheduling - Supplier Management/ CSR Scheduling
Jennifer Scott
Scheduling Coordinator 
1-616-656-0631Scheduling - Supplier Management/ CSR Scheduling
Grace Umlor
Scheduling Coordinator  
1-616-656-0606Scheduling - GMP, Cosmetics, CSR Releases
Regenia Beeks
Scheduling Coordinator  
1-616-656-7456Scheduling - Food
Marina Rupp
Team Lead: Medical and Aerospace
1-616-656-0635Scheduling Team Lead
Michael Hewitt
Scheduling Coordinator
1-616-656-7460Scheduling - Aerospace, Information Technology
Angelica Wright
Scheduling Coordinator
1-616-656-1916Scheduling - Medical, Cosmetics
Rachael Cradddock
Scheduling Coordinator
1-616-656-1913Scheduling - Support Scheduler Aerospace and Medical
Courtney Marble
Scheduling Coordinator
1-616-656-7456Scheduling - GMP, Food
Nicole Tassell
Client Service Manager, North America: QMS, Automotive and Green Services
1-616-656-7457Scheduling Team Lead
Crystal Fillion
Scheduling Coordinator
1-616-656-0627Scheduling - Automotive
Grace Ross
Scheduling Coordinator 
1-616-656-7494Scheduling - Green Services (EMS, OHS, IMS, ENMS)
Natalia Mee
Support Scheduler
1-616-656-0615Scheduling - QMS
RaLuca Theron
Support Scheduler 
1-616-656-0603Support Scheduling - QMS, Green Services

Technical Contacts

Name/Email, TitlePhoneResponsibility
Annie Noel
Technical Service
1-514-631-3100, Ext. 244Technical Review and Certification Authority
Andrea Wilson
Technical Specialist - Medical
1-978-614-0608Audit Reports, Corrective Action Responses, and Certificates for Medical certifications (All Medical)

Sales Contacts

Name/Email, TitlePhoneResponsibility
Pasquale Longo
Business Development Manager - Green Services
1-514-233-4019Sales & Contracts
Rosanna Marabella
Business Development Manager - Food, Medical, Aerospace     
1-905-301-4762Sales & Contracts
Carrie Cowdrey
Business Development Specialist - CSR / Supply Chain Management 
1-616-656-0637Sales & Contracts

Accounting Contacts

Name/Email, TitlePhoneResponsibility
Anita Wiseman
1-978-614-0625Accounts Payable & Receivable
Linda McVey
Accounting Team Lead
1-978-614-0614Accounts Payable & Receivable

Marketing Contacts

Name/Email, TitlePhoneResponsibility
Lauren Whittemore
Global Marketing Director
1-978-614-0602Review/Approval of Press Releases and Other Marketing Material, Website (including Certified Companies Directory), Training Course Registration, Certification Marks, Inquiry Management
Caitlin Connell
Global Supplier Management Marketing Manager
1-978-614-0612Content Writing, Training, Digital Marketing, Website (including Certified Companies Directory), Training Course Registration, Certification Marks, Inquiry Management
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