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Jet Fire Testing: ISO 22899 Part 1

Intertek helps offshore petrochemical manufacturers, suppliers, and designers meet ISO 22899 regulations in the U.S., greatly reducing the time and high costs associated with shipping and testing overseas.

Jet Fire Testing determines passive fire protection materials' resistance to jet fires according to ISO 22899, Part1 requirements. Our state-of-the-art Jet Fire facility, located in San Antonio, Texas, simulates natural gas jet fires which could occur on offshore platforms and land-based facilities, where natural gas leaks can produce significant heat flux exposure to structural steel.  It is used to qualify passive fire protection materials commonly used for protecting steel on offshore oil platforms. The test is used to simulate high pressure natural gas leaks igniting and impinging a steel structure.

The Jet Fire Test allows controlled and repeatable Jet Fire simulation on panel, web and pipe configurations coated with fire protective materials. The test is conducted using 14 Megawatt (0.3 kg/sec) horizontal flames produced by a propane fuel system projected out of the standardized jet nozzle for various time periods, depending on the rating, to simulate the intense jet fires that offshore oil rigs face.

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