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Certified Fire and Egress Door Inspector Program

Limit personal liability and increase public safety by utilizing Intertek's Door Inspector Program. Be proactive ensuring that fire or egress door assembly inspections are completed on a timely basis, convenient to your schedule and cost concerns.

This program allows companies to purchase and apply an Intertek program specific label to the fire or egress rated assembly after inspection. The label identifies that the inspection was conducted by a Certified Fire & Egress Door Inspector and states the year of the inspection. Companies offering annual fire and egress door inspection services should utilize Intertek Certified Inspectors to assure AHJ’s confidence in the inspection.

About the Program

The Door and Hardware Institute (DHI), in partnership with Intertek (through its Warnock Hersey Mark), has developed a comprehensive training and certification program for individuals performing inspections of swinging fire doors with builders hardware. This Fire & Egress Door Inspection class (FDAIc) is designed to train inspectors in performing and documenting the inspections. NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives 2007 Edition now has requirements for the ongoing annual safety inspections of fire door assemblies and will raise the level of life safety in buildings and structures.

DHI is conducting these AFDAIP training classes and, upon completion of the course, students are eligible to enroll in Intertek’s professional Certified Fire & Egress Door Inspector Program. This training and certification program is open to all interested parties. Log on to DHI’s website at for more information and to register for the training classes.

Becoming a Certified Fire & Egress Door Inspector is based on successfully completing The Door and Hardware Institute’s (DHI) Fire and Egress Door Assembly Inspection class and the pre-requisite classes. After the completion of these requirements, DHI will notify Intertek and the individual will be eligible to register and become an Intertek Certified Fire & Egress Door Inspector.

Additionally, AHJs can locate companies who employ Certified Inspectors by going to:


to see how Intertek can help your organization with Certified Fire and Egress Door Inspector Program.