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Our free webinars deliver valuable asset integrity management information on various topics to help you improve operations and reduce costs.

Selecting Main Steam Piping Reexamination Locations Webinar
This webinar discusses the High Energy Piping Life Consumption (HEPLC) methodology, which can significantly reduce the number of high risk material damage locations with high confidence.  The HEPLC methodology has been successfully used to predict maximum creep damage locations in girth welds. This methodology is customized to prioritize expected creep damage in girth welds considering the 1) as-found field anomalies, 2) observed piping displacements, and 3) time-dependent multi-axial operating stresses. The HEPLC risk-based methodology has reduced the conventionally selected reexamination locations by more than 50%. Furthermore, the HEPLC methodology has revealed high risk locations that would not have been identified by the conventional site selection process. Over the past 15 years, this approach has been used to justify reexamination intervals of many girth weldments beyond five years.This webinar also discusses several limitations of using the conventional process of selecting high energy piping girth weld reexamination locations. 


Reduce Superheat and Reheat Tube Failures
Who doesn’t want to eliminate costly replacements, avoid damaging unit cycles at a fraction of the cost of a replacement section, and improve their boiler tube failure reduction program?  Prior to the development of Intertek's TubeModSM, plant engineers had only two options for repairing reheaters and superheaters when tubes approached end of useful life: undergo costly partial or total tube replacements or run to failure.   This webinar will introduce to you how our TubeMod® and TubeAlertSM  technologies provide high level technical support which helps you to prevent and reduce superheater and reheater failures.  This provides you with cost-effective solutions that result in greater savings.



Power Plant Cycling - Risks and Mitigation Strategy
This webinar will help you learn about power plant cycling trends, cost and risk of cycling and mitigation strategies featuring firsthand accounts of how Intertek AIM is helping asset owners and operators understand:

•Trends in power plant cycling

•Plant cycling characterizations and benchmarks

•Power plant cycling cost

•Risk of cycling evaluations – financial and reliability

•Best practices and mitigation strategies to reduce risk


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