Meet Our People: Dr Jeff Franks

Dr Jeff Franks BSC PhD CSci CChem FRSC Inorganic Analysis

Dr Jeff Franks obtained his BSc from the University of Durham in 1979.

He joined ICI in 1985 as an experienced analytical chemist with approximately 11 years experience in the food and steel industries and in local government. This included analysis of food products, boiler waters, effluents, coke oven by-products, air and water pollution, and asbestos identification.

He started in the X-Ray Fluorescence laboratory within the Inorganic Analysis team, analysing inorganic components of polymers and visiting other ICI sites to help them evaluate XRF instruments.

In 1987 Jeff became involved with a new technique, Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS), this gave him the opportunity to study for a Ph.D. with the University of Hull on a part time basis. Jeff became a Research Scientist in Atomic Spectroscopy in 1992, and since 2000 has managed the Inorganic Analysis team.

His interests and experiences are in Inorganic Characterisation related to the chemical industry especially relating to catalysts, polymers and process streams.

He has been an active member of RSC Teesside Local Section, becoming Secretary in 2005 and Chairman in 2010.  He also serves on the RSC Membership Affairs Board and on Council for the Cleveland Scientific Institution.



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