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Thermogravimetric Analysis

Thermogravimetry thermal analysis (TGA) testing.

Thermogravimetric (TGA) analysis provides determination of endotherms, exotherms, weight loss on heating, cooling, and more. Materials analyzed by TGA include polymers, plastics, composites, laminates, adhesives, food, coatings, pharmaceuticals, organic materials, rubber, petroleum, chemicals, explosives and biological samples.

TGA materials analysis:
Thermogravimetric analysis uses heat to force reactions and physical changes in materials. TGA provides quantitative measurement of mass change in materials associated with transition and thermal degradation. TGA records change in mass from dehydration, decomposition, and oxidation of a sample with time and temperature. Characteristic thermogravimetric curves are given for specific materials and chemical compounds due to unique sequence from physicochemical reactions occuring over specific temperature ranges and heating rates. These unique characteristics are related to the molecular structure of the sample. When used in combination with FTIR, Thermogravimetric Analysis / Infra-red spectroscopy (TGA/FTIR) is capable of detailed FTIR analysis of evolved gases produced from the TGA. 

TGA thermogravimetric capabilities:

  • Compositional analysis of materials
  • Decomposition temperatures
  • Rate of degradation
  • Product lifetimes
  • Oxidative stability
  • Evaluation of polymer flammabilities
  • Thermal stabilities
  • Determination of rancidity of edible oils
  • Fingerprinting unknown polymers
  • Moisture Content
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) analysis
  • Analysis of evolved gases using TGA/FTIR
  • Competitive product evaluation
  • Measurement of oil extender content in elastomers
  • Effects of reactive atmospheres on materials
  • Determination of inert filler or ash contents
  • ASTM D6375 Noack Method 

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