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Materials Science Research

Materials science research and development.

Intertek material science laboratories provide clients with scientific experience in materials characterisation, material structure and materials processing.

Expertise includes plastics and polymers, composite materials, electronics, coatings, slurries and colloids, ceramics, adhesives and metals. Intertek laboratory capabilities provide analytical determination of fundamental electrical, optical, rheological, tribological and mechanical properties.

Intertek material analysis laboratories offer capabilities in molecular and elemental analysis, surface and interfacial science and morphological characterisation to support processing and physical property determination techniques. Intertek surface science teams provide world class capability in XPS and SIMS, which can be applied to many materials challenges, for example in adhesion and adhesives development.

Intertek physical property laboratories offer fracture mechanics, high speed impact, fatigue, creep and other long term property determination, including novel and highly instrumented wear, lubricity, friction and scratch techniques, supported with X-ray diffraction, thermal analysis, electron, optical and laser scanning microscopies to support fracture and property understanding.

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