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Tea Inspection and Testing

Tea inspection, testing and certification.

Tea shipment inspection, certification and ingredients laboratory testing are provided by Intertek in tea producing, processing and consumption regions of the world. Intertek tea testing and inspection services help ensure buyers receive the correct quantity and quality of tea ordered. Trained and professional field staff are located in key tea producing and processing regions of the world.

Tea inspection: 

  • Inspection of loading and discharge of tea cargos.
  • Tea cargo weight and quantity verification.
  • Inspection of tea loading discharge and storage of facilities.
  • Representative sampling of tea for lab tests.
  • Certification of tea quantity and quality
  • Truck inspection
  • Tea warehouse and stock monitoring.

Tea testing:
Trained chemists operate modern analytical laboratories to international standards, with expertise in tea chemistry.

Tea lab tests: 

  • Physical assessment of tea.
  • Chemical assessment of tea.
  • Entomological assessment of tea and spices.
  • Essential oil testing.
  • Aflatoxin testing.
  • Microbiological analysis.
  • Pesticide residue testing.
  • Related testing.
  • FDA compliant analysis.

Intertek laboratories in Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, and the USA analyse volatile and non-volatile compounds. These compounds can directly effect a tea's flavour, taste, colour, aroma and smell. The tea labs test for polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids, terpenoids, alcohols, carbonyl compounds and other volatiles. Other tea analyses include theaflavin and thearubigin, along with total colour, percent brightness, astringency, bitterness and sweetness.

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