Soil Manager Mobile App

Intertek’s new app can assist farmers in Africa in improving their farming outputs while minimising input costs.

This app is now available from the Google Play store, and allows farmers within sub-Saharan Africa, easy access to precision-based farming services 24/7.

The soil manager app benefits include:

  • Access to expertise without the geographical or cost restraints
  • Simple video tutorials and access to qualified agronomist
  • Improved yields through accurate analysis
  • Accessibility 24/7
  • Unique Sponsorship Opportunities to uplift Small Scale Farmers

Whilst allowing for:

  • Mapping of the land
  • Drawing of soil samples
  • Submission of samples either via fertilizer depot or directly to Intertek
  • Receipt of results directly to mobile devices
  • Access to an agronomist to discuss results
  • Recommendations on fertilizer
  • Connection to the three closest, registered fertilizer depots (based on GPS location)

Simple video tutorials are available on the app to aid farmers in the process of mapping their land and drawing soil samples. To submit test samples, farmers can access real time information on the nearest drop-off depot or send the soil sample directly to Intertek, with the results directly available along with fertilizer recommendations on the app. In addition, farmers can connect with a qualified agronomist to discuss the results, a service that is often beyond the reach of the small scale farmers in Africa.

Whether you are a farmer looking for support, or a sponsor looking to invest in food security for the continent, we have a solution for your needs.

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