Edible Fats and Oils Testing

Edible fats and oils testing and inspection.

Intertek tests and inspects edible oils, vegetable oils and animal fats and oils. Products tested include tallow, palm oil, oilseed, cooking oils, groundnut oils, mustard oil, safflower oil, sesamum oil, soya oil, sunflower oil, other vegetable oils and more. Submitted samples and cargo inspection quality testing services are availble for oils and fats shipments on a global basis.

Fats and oils tests:
Acetyl & Hydroxyl Value, Saponification
Acid Value, Titration
Acetone Insoluble Matter, Gravimetric
Active Oxygen Method (AOM), Titration 8 hrs, Active Oxygen Method (AOM), 20, 60, 80 hrs +
Aldehyde Profiles, GC/MS
Aliphatic Alcohols, GC/FID
Anisidine Value, AOCS
Antioxidants (BHA, BHT etc), HPLC
Appearance, Visual
Aflatoxin, Total, Flourometric, Aflatoxin, (B1, B1, G1, G2), T.L.C
Aldehyde Profile, GC/MS
Aliphatic Alcohols, GC/MS
Alcohols, GC/MS
Bleaching Test, Gardner Smith
Boemer Number, Melting Point
Break Test, Gravimetric
Chemical Comtaminants (eg. Benzene, Styrene, Phenols),  HPLC
Chlorophyl,  AOCS, FOSFA
Cloud Point, AOCS
Cold Test, AOCS
Color Gardner, FAC, AOCS, Lovibond (raw), Bleach, Gardner Smith, Rfined & bleached
Copper, AA Flame / GFAA
Confirmation of Components detected by other methods, GC/MS
Congeal Point, AOCS
Dioxins, GC/MS
Erucic Acid, AOCS/ISO/GC
Esters, GC
Extractable Organics, GC/MS
Fat Stability, See Active Oxygen Method
Fatty Acid, Total & Oxidized, Saponification
Fatty Acid Composition, AOCS/ISO/(GC FID)
(including Transfat), LC/MS
Fatty Alcohol Profile, GC/FID
Flash Point, AOCS/FOSFA
Flavor Profiles, GC/MS
Fragrance Profiles, GC/MS
Free Fatty Acids, AOCS/ISO (Titration)
Fry Study, Frying Study, Color, Total Polars, Aldehydes, PV, FFA, FAP
Glycerine, Titration, Glycerin and Glycols, HPLC
Gossypol (in cotton seed oil), HPLC
Halphen Test, AOCS
Hexane Residues, GC Headspace
Hydrocarbon Profile, GC FID
Hydroxyl & Acetyl Value, AOCS
Insoluble Impurities, AOCS/ISO
Iodine Value, AOCS/ISO (WIJS)
Kries Test, Rancidity, Index B.S.
Melting Point (Capillary), AOCS/ISO, Wiley, AOCS, Slip, AOCS/ISO
Metals, Trace, Heavy metals, AA/GFAA
Moisture and Volatiles, Oven, Htplate, Karl Fisher, AOCS/ISO, Distillation, AOCS/ISO
Mercury, AA-Cold Vapor
Monoglycerides, Diglycerides & Triglycerides, GC/FID
Mucilage, Spectro
Neutral Oil & Loss, AOCS
Nitrogen, KJELDHAL
Odor, Smell
Oleic Acid, AOCS/ISO (GC-FID)
Organic Acid Profile, HPLC
Phthalates, HPLC
Polar Compound, GC
Peroxide Value, AOCS/ISO
Phosphorous, Spectro
Pesticides, Organochlorine, Organophosphorous,PCBS
Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons, GC/MS
Polyethylene, AOCS/ISO
Polysorbates, HPLC
Priority Polluants, GC/MS
Qualitative Test for Fish Oils, AOCS
Radioactivity, ITS
Rancidity Index (Kries Test), B.S.
Rate of Filtration, ITS
Refining Loss, AOCS
Refractive Index, AOCS/ASTM
Saponification Value, AOCS/ISO
Saponification Color, AOCS
Saponofication matter, total, Calculated from MIU
Smoke Point, AOCS/BS
Sorbic and Benzoic Acids, HPLC
Soap Content, FOSFA, Soap in Oil, AOCS
Solubility in Alchocol, Alcohol/Castor oil Mix
Specific Gravity/Mass per volume, AOCS/ISO
Sulphur, ASTM
Squalene, HPLC
Specific Extinction, UV/Visible Spec.
Sterols, GC/FID
Stigmadienes, GC/FID
Solid Fat Content, AOCS/ISO
Solid Fat Index, AOCS
Trace Element, (AA-GFAA
Thermal Heating Fluids (THF, Dowtherm), HPLC
Triglycerides Profile, HPLC
(Plus mono & Diglycerides), HPLC
Tocopherol (plus tocotrienols), HPLC
Trans Isomers, GC
Thiocyangen Value, AOCS
Unsaponifiable matter, AOCS/ISO
Unsaponifiable profile, GC/MS
Water by distillation, AOCS/ISO
Waxes, GC/FID

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Need help or have a question?

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