Dubai UAE Food Laboratory

United Arab Emirates food and agricultural products testing laboratory.

The UAE Intertek Dubai laboratory provides food, beverage and agricultural product testing. The Dubai food laboratory is available for a wide range of food and agricultural products re-exported from Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates. The food and agri lab services the Middle East, providing world-class testing and inspection expertise for food and agricultural products.

Dubai UAE food and water laboratory:

Intertek laboratories in the UAE provide independent testing, inspection and certification services ensure that our client's business interests are protected during custody transfer, transportation and storage of valuable cargo. The Intertek Agri food laboratory is in the process of obtaining ISO 17025 accreditation and Dubai Municipality certification.

Food and Agricultural products inspected and tested in Dubai, UAE:

  • Frozen Foods, Processed Foods
  • Packaged Foods and Beverages
  • Mineral Water
  • Food and Feed Grains, Feedstuffs
  • Animal Oils, Vegetable Oils, Animal Fats, Vegetable Fats
  • Oilseeds, beans and nuts
  • Pulses, Copra
  • Fertilizers
  • Wheat, Flour, Rice, Tea, Coffee, Spices
  • Sugar, Molasses, Cotton
  • Microbiological testing is available at the Dubail laboratory.

UAE Food and Agricultural product testing, inspection and certification:

  • Laboratory analysis to international standards
  • Representative cargo product sampling
  • Container loading & discharging supervision
  • Shipment and Inventory Sampling
  • Lab Analysis Cargo Weight & Quality
  • Certification Grading of cargo at site (farms, market place etc)
  • Manning product procurement centers
  • Inspection of cargo loading, cargo discharging storage facilities
  • Supervision of production in factories, farms
  • Inspection of vessel holds and tanks
  • Full Outturn Guarantee (FOG) / Marine Cover
  • Inventory Stock and Warehouse Management
  • Warehouse inspection for Insurance Inspection of Cargo Damage Draught Survey
Need help or have a question? +971 4 3178778

Need help or have a question?

+971 4 3178778
+971 4 3178778