AA 1000 – Fundamental Concepts and Interpretation of Requirements

Prepare the participants to understand the fundamental concepts and the requirements of AA 1000, aiding them in defining the priorities in the most relevant aspects for their management and reporting on sustainability, promoting the improvement of the management systems overall, and engaging the stakeholders in particular.

Dates and Locations: For dates and locations available for this training please contact business.assurance@intertek.com


Theoretical Part

• Processes for mapping and priority-setting of stakeholders

• Defining the objectives for the engagement of stakeholders

• Presenting the ways of consulting with and engaging stakeholders

• Relation between AA1000 and reference GRI and ISO 26000.

• Interpretation of AA1000 requirements

Practical Part:

• Case Study and workshops

• Discussion of practical cases


Who the course is intended for: Persons responsible for Sustainability, Corporate Affairs, Communication, Human Resources, Marketing, Environmental Management, Risk Control, Quality and staff involved in the preparation of the sustainability report

Course Duration: 1 Day

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