ISO / TS 22002-1: 2012 - Interpretation

Interpret the requirements of ISO 22002-1: 2012.

Develop the skills for analysis and improvement of these requirements inside the organization.

Understand the important of implementing the prerequisite requirements’ program inside the organization’s food safety management system.



• Introduction

• Construction and Layout of Buildings

• Layout of Facilities and Workplace

• Utilities: Air, water and power

• Waste disposal

• Adjustment, Cleaning and Maintenance of Equipment

• Management of Acquired Materials

• Cross-Contamination Prevention Measures

• Cleaning and Cleansing

• Pest Control

• Personal Hygiene and Facilities for employees

• Reprocessing

• Use of reprocessing

• Storage

• Product information and consumer warning

• Food Defense, Bio-monitoring and Bioterrorism

• Conclusion


Who the course is intended for: Professionals in the food sector working directly or indirectly with food safety.

Course Duration: 08 hours

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