Hsing Chau Industrial

Cabling Products | ETL Verified Certificates of Conformance:

Category 5e Connecting Hardware:
Keysone jack, p/n 3013AKHA5e
Unshielded keystone jack, p/n 3013AKVA5e
Unshielded patch panel, p/n BP24KHA5eS
Shielded keystone jack, p/n 3013ALKVAS5eS
Category 6 Connecting Hardware:
Keysone jack, p/n 3013AKHA6  
Shielded keystone jack, p/n 3013AFQJS6  
Unshielded keystone jack, p/n 3013AKVA6
Unshielded patch panel, p/n BP24KHA6S
Shielded keystone jack, p/n 3013ALKVAS6S
Category 6A Channel: 

Unshielded keystone jack, p/n 3013AKVA5e
HC-FU8XX-XT-AC6:  Cat. 6A UTP Cord
HC-3013A-QA82-AC6ABL:  Cat. 6A UTP Keystone Jack
HC-UU4P-SP-C6A:  Cat. 6A UTP Horizontal Cable
HC-SP24Q-QB82-AC6ABL:  Cat. 6A UTP Patch Panel  

Category 6A Connecting Hardware:
RJ45 Connecting Hardware, p/n HC-3013A-QB8X-C6A
Keysone Jack, p/n 3013AKHA6A  
Shielded Keystone Jack, p/n 3013AFQJS6A
Unshielded keystone jack, p/n 3013AKVA6AI
Unshielded keystone jack, p/n 3013AKVA6A
Keystone Jack, p/n 3013ALQKXXC6AYY
Unshielded patch panel, p/n BP24KHA6A
Unshielded patch panel, p/n BP24KHA6AI
Shielded keystone jack, p/n 3013ALKVAS6A
Shielded keystone jack, p/n 3013ALKVAS6AI
ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Category 6A Shielded Channel: 
4-Connector Channel (Bundled in a 6-around-1 configuration)
HC-SF8XX-ATL-AC6: Cat. 6A STP Cord
HC-3013A-QC8CS-AC6: Cat. 6A STP Keystone Jack
HC-3013A-QB8LCS-AC6 or HC-3013A-QG8LCS-AC6: Cat. 6A STP Keystone Jack
HC-SF4P-SL-C6A: Cat. 6A S/FTP Horizontal Cable
HC-SP24L-QA8CS-C6A: Cat. 6A STP Patch Panel
HC-SP24N-J8S-MILQ-C6A: Cat. 6A STP Feed-Thru Patch Panel 



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